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It is a pleasure to meet you: My name is Inbal Shacham-Glick and I am a professional home & business organizer. I established Ba-Li Seder from the desire to help private customers and business owners in creating an organized and fruitful environment, where everything is in its place and finding things in the space becomes quick and easy. After years as a marketing and project manager in industry and hi-tech, I found that what works for these demanding, competitive fields is also right for the home environment. Today, Ba-Li Seder offers a complete response according to the idea that neatness and tidiness are the foundation on which every success is built. Above everything, I am a wife and mother to two real rascals, and without neatness and organization I would be lost. "You might say that I was born to be a professional home organizer. I inherited my "neat" genes with love from my two grandmothers, whose every piece of clothing was perfectly starched and folded, and withdrawing the desired item from the closet was accompanied by a meticulous, impressive ceremony for all to see." Today, after I learned how to convert this holy grail into accessible and applicable tools, I am happy to share all my secrets of order and organization with my clients. If you have an old bedroom you've been dreaming of turning into a home office – if you are about to move homes – if your linen closet is overflowing or if you have lost something valuable among the drawers and piles – the change begins now. Please feel free to contact me for advice.

Moving apartment or office? The house in a mess? Let us organize it!

Logistics from A to Z

Each project poses its own unique challenges, and in order to ensure holistic solutions and the maintaining of time schedules, Ba-Li Seder operates a team of professionals who will assist you in completing the project and in implementing the objectives you define for it. Our willing staff of professionals will ensure that the home and office organizational process will be completed with perfection, without shenanigans or wasting precious time. With full logistical support, you can be sure that no project is too complex to undertake and all you have to do is dare to dream! A brief variety of services we provide: • Carpentry – assembly and disassembly of furniture • Interior design • Hanging of light fixtures • Transfer of invoices and agreements among various groups (telephone, Internet, electricity, property tax, freight & transport, and more).

Organizational solutions

Even if you are not a stranger to arrangement and organizational processes, you could probably still be much more efficient and enhance the desired results for a longer time by using smart organizational solutions. As a professional organizer, I have access to unique resources that upgrade the storage and activities in your home and office environment. Every project obtains an adaptation of the optimal organizational solutions for it. Whereas the decision to sort and organize is important in itself, it often isn't enough to ensure the continuity of results over time. More than once, we may "fall off the wagon" and go back to harmful habits.' Organizational solutions fulfill the need for long term change and for changes in habits and lifestyles with minimum effort. When everything is accessible and easy, you aren't left with the experience of having to adjust to things, but rather with an experience of joy and excitement.

Organizing a child's room

Children grow and their needs change accordingly. If you are expecting a new birth or wish to set up a safe and pleasant children's room, or if the children require a comfortable study corner, if the games and toys are piled up and overflowing, or if your teenagers wish to shed the signs of their childhood and create a space for themselves that reflects their taste, Ba-Li Seder has all the organizational solutions you need.

Change of room's purpose and adaptation to your needs

Our lives change more quickly than our homes do. Children leave the nest, parents age, we may begin work as freelancers or may wish to dedicate a corner of the home to a beloved hobby – all these suggest the possibility of changing the purpose of the rooms in your home.

Preparing the house for sale

If you are planning to sell your home or the property has been for sale for a long period and isn't attracting potential customers, the reason for this may lie in improper organization of the space that does not suit buyer expectations in the market. Ask yourselves if your home is an inviting space that new visitors can find peace and quiet in and imagine their own lives there, or if it is always messy, if things are never in their place and if the daily routine prevents any possibility for relaxation? In addition, study the fixed elements of the home: are the installed shelves of a practical size, proportional to the room, in a neutral design and in convenient locations? Are there places designated for storage in the bathroom and kitchen?

Organizing a room

The changes we wish to implement in the rooms of a house represent the changes occurring in our lives, and more than once we are prevented from or delayed in acting on our vision from a fear that the change will be irrevocable. Thus, we encounter a situation where the room space no longer serves us and we are stuck with wasteful, harmful habits instead of proclaiming ownership over the space. Ba-Li Seder will help you to discover the full potential of the space at your disposal and act to promote your defined objectives. The final result is a harmonious space, to your personal taste and with consideration of your lifestyle, that is easy to maintain and keep tidy over the years.


The proper packing of belongings when moving homes can make the presence in the existing home up to moving time easier, and ensure organized and effective unpacking afterwards. The packing process includes sorting and checking the condition of your belongings in order to decide which of them will continue on to the new home and which will be donated or discarded. This is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of lots of wasteful items we don't need and which don't ease our daily lives – they just take up valuable storage space in the home. There are also economic repercussions: an easy move with few boxes will be expressed in a lower transport charge.

End solutions

Deciding to organize things isn't sufficient in keeping us organized. To instill habits that will serve you well over the years, we need proven, smart and easy solutions that will encourage their users to maintain tidiness and organization. Ba-Li Seder offers you a treasure of end solutions that are personally adapted to your needs, including organizational tools, sorting and arranging for your new home or office environment.

Unpacking and arranging

With Ba-Li Seder, organizing the home after moving begins and ends in the days following the move, when all the furniture is in its place and you can make yourselves free for planning organizational, storage and shelving solutions. Ba-Li Seder surveys the new space, studies your needs and adapts organizational solutions accordingly. After a few days, your new property becomes a home – a serene refuge where everything is in its place, and you can free yourselves for your daily routine and interests, with tons of space and fruitful creativity.

Moving house / offices – packing and unpacking solutions

Moving homes or offices can be exciting events that suggest rejuvenation and success, but they also entail tension-filled and time-consuming aspects as well. If you are about to move home or office and want the experience to go as smoothly and swiftly as possible, Ba-Li Seder has tons of solutions that will help you through this difficult and stormy period.

Organizing the laundry room

Sisyphus rolled a heavy boulder up a mountain, only to lose his grip and watch the boulder roll down to the bottom, again and again and again. Doing laundry can seem like an endless, Sisyphean task, particularly in families with many children. However, this is usually the sign of a laundry room that isn't organized as it should be, or of the resources dedicated to the task not being efficient enough. With Ba-Li Seder, you can organize a special corner in your home and keep everything you need there, including smart gadgets and tools for hanging and drying clothes that will make ironing and distributing the clothes to their various rooms much easier. An organized laundry room contains all you need to complete the task swiftly and easily, without having to hunt for dirty clothes all over the house, or search the house for hangers, or having to drag heavy ironing boards around, or having to think about where to place dry clothes before and after ironing.

Organizing the Pantry

Dry foods, spices, cereal boxes, canned foods, jars, disposable dishes and paper plates, tools for the grill, a wedding gift you haven't opened yet, a tea service you inherited, extra clothespins, cleaning sponges, a cake stand, machine oils and a picnic cooler…do you really know everything that's in your pantry? The pantry is usually one of the more neglected spaces in our homes, because we usually stuff anything into it that doesn't have a designated place for it. The problem with this "catch-all" space is that it can attract insects and bugs, and improper storage leads to leaks and dirt that may damage the cupboards or shelves. Ba-Li Seder will organize the appropriate pantry for you, where all items are sorted and set up by categories and accessible when needed. With the proper storage, food stays fresh and safe for eating, and you know at any given moment what you have, what is missing and where everything is.

Organizing kitchen cupboards

Organizing your kitchen cupboards can seem like a threatening task, as a lot of us use these some cupboards to store tons of stuff, only of which are directly related to our daily kitchen activities. The big question in this task is where to store the items we randomly put in our kitchen cupboards?

Organizing clothes and shoes

How many times have you felt like you're wearing the same ten or fifteen items of clothing, yet you have no room in your closet for new items? How many times have you discovered a pair of shoes that were pushed to the back of the cupboard, and grown angry to see them damaged by dust, stains, dirt or insects? Sorting and arranging your clothes and shoes will help you to care for your things and lengthen their use and their lifetimes.

The psychology behind order

When it comes to organizing the house, there is a tendency for much discussion of the need to free oneself from the past and from things that no longer suit our lifestyle. For example, many of the things we keep and keep throughout our lives are actually linked to the future: promises to ourselves we haven't yet fulfilled, things we suspect we might need, putting things off until we have free time to complete projects or change our lifestyles. Fear of the future accumulates and grows heavy on us, adding to tension and creating a "freezing" effect.


We think about putting a house in order at turning points in our lives: moving house, birth of a child, change in workplace, move of grown children from home and before retirement. These are the opportunities where we clearly see what is important to us and what we hope to achieve. It isn't the actual changes that trigger thoughts of arranging the home. Most of us know that only in an orderly, organized living space can we free ourselves from daily obligations and engage more in the creativity or tasks that are important to us. More than once, that same desire to act is what keeps us immobile, from the fear of committing to a process whose end is unknown and success is doubtful. And that's what I'm here for. At your service.

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